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Play PS3 on your PC with 10K graphics

When it comes to PS3 emulators the options out there are very limited. RPCS3 emulator is one of the most popular and practical PS3 emulators for PC.

The emulator has now added 10K resolution support. If you have a graphics card that can support that sort of resolution then you can practically go all out on it. In this video you will see several well-known games running in high resolution, more specifically in 4K with 16x anisotropic filtering. You can set the level of analysis and Anisotropic filtering manually and you are also able to adjust the resolution range. For example, if you have an initial resolution of 1280×720, at 100% it will remain as is, while at 200% it will output a resolution of 2560×1440). The settings can be upgraded as well as downgraded.

More information about the emulator can be found on the official website.