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Paris Game Week trailer shows Spidey in action

Sony and Insomniac Games have revealed a new trailer for the action game Spider-Man during Paris Game Week. The trailer has no real gameplay material to offer, but thanks to the pretty in-game cut-scenes it’s still pleasing. Spider-Man can be seen fighting numerous villains including Mister Negative.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive action game Spider-Man had kept quiet for several weeks now. Taking advantage of this year’s Paris Games Week, there is once again a new sign of life and this time in the form of a trailer. Although the video has no real gameplay scenes to offer, the in-game cut scenes are definitely worth seeing.

The superhero Spider-Man can be seen fighting against numerous bad guys. Among other things, he gets to deal with Mister Negative and the criminal gang Inner Demons. Mary Jane Watson also makes an appearance in this trailer.

The developer Insomniac Games has not announced a specific release date yet, so the slightly vague statement “2018” will have to do for now.

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